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NEMAR offers a full array of HVAC services to help achieve your indoor environmental requirements.

  • Testing/Adjusting/Balancing- NEBB Certified Air & Hydronic TAB, Duct Air Leak Testing
  • Laboratory Equipment Certification – Biosafety Cabs, F-Hoods, & Laminar Flow Benches
  • Cleanroom Performance Testing – NEBB Certified Testing for HEPA Filters, Temp/Hum Profile, Recovery Testing, Particle Counting
  • Engineering – Performance, Troubleshooting, Design, Equipment Start-up, Pharmaceutical Process HVAC, Dehumidified Air Systems, & Dust Collection Systems
  • Commissioning Services – HVAC & Controls, Plumbing Systems, Fire Protection Systems & Existing Buildings Retro-Commissioning

What sets nemar technology group apart from the competition?

  • Proven NEBB certified field procedures
  • Latest technology in testing equipment
  • Well thought-out planning prior to job execution
  • Engineering support during field testing
  • Tailored-made and error-free reports with best presentation
  • Documentation support
  • Cost convenience
  • Computer assisted field testing with our own developed programs

Better than the rest, to Engineers and their Managers, nemar technology group will provide highly accessible and responsive HVAC, Cleanroom, and Lab-Equipment Testing services in the most cost effective manner  that will meet or exceed the level of Quality and Safety compliance required by the FDA regulated industry, by means of accurate reports, proven methods, effective communication, and best expertise.

Customer Value Proposition

To Engineers and their Managers, nemar technology group will provide reliable, sharp and responsive HVAC, Cleanroom, and Lab-Equipment testing services in a partnering and collaborative manner, that will exceed the already high level of Quality and Safety required.  We provide fast and accurate reports, proven test methods and technology, effective yet simple communication, and best expertise, solving problems on-the-spot while being accountable for all our offering, that is:

  • With every client, we show loyalty and respect.
  • To every task, we bring a winning and enthusiastic spirit.
  • To every peer, we are approachable and empathic.
  • When challenged with deliverables, we show flexibility and quick reaction.
  • Every schedule we face, we meet.
  • Every budget we face, we meet.
  • Every Human Resource, brings acumen.
  • On every opportunity had, we take full care of customers, by bringing the correct solution to their pain.

By means of which values do we outperform our competitors on the things that matter to customers?

1- Key Competitive Variable:  AVAILABILITY AND STAFF

Capability:  Immediate response and fast field presence to service calls, guaranteed with a crew standing-by.  Being one of the biggest firms in the field, we support our three vested field crews with a senior supervisor, a senior technician, two mechanical engineers, one purchaser, and one administrative assistant.

2- Key Competitive Variable:  ACUMEN AND TENACITY

Capability:  Every Resource bring years of technical preparation and experience that yields a prompt and appropriate response in solving problems with the combination of mental agility, skills, and tenacity.

3- Key Competitive Variable:  BUDGET AND SCHEDULE

Capability:  Two Mechanical Engineers and one Supervisor pre-plan jobs and lay-out tasks that seasoned technicians execute, using proven field methods that with tenacity meets every schedule.  Effective communication from senior management let every customer be on top of budget and react to any variations as they come up.

4- Key Competitive Variable:  FAST AND ACCURATE REPORTS

Capability:  Every tech is capable to produce their own reports on the field, using proprietary software for the fastest reproduction.  Senior resources are always available for verification to assure error-free documents that are PE and/or NEBB certified.

5- Key Competitive Variable:  QUALITY AND SAFETY

Capability:  With a Quality System developed to meet the strict requirements of the FDA regulated industry (and the client audits we periodically host), in conjunction with the NEBB certification for TAB, BSCx, and CPT, customers can rest assure the services to be received set the bar high on the market.  A robust Safety Program born and developed for the industry, and  backed by certifiable training credentials for all team members, meet the most stringent OSHA requirements for industry and construction.